Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lies of Greta Van Susteren

The Fox News Network, better know as the Faux News Network to most of America has a show called "On The Record" hosted by Greta Van Susteren. Ms. Van Susteren has made her show an open forum for Senator Lindsy Graham to expose his opposition to the Obama Stimulus bill. Senator Graham was a major supporter of the Bush Administration of fiscal deregulation, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and invading two Soverign Nations. Mr. Graham was also a big supporter of the McCain/Palin ticket and offered vocal opposition to any spending in the Stimulus Bill that would redirect funds away from tax breaks for new drilling and redirecting that funding towards the future of Alternative Renewable Sustainable Energy.

Mr. Graham was a major voice in the Terry Shivo case, the most ridiculous use of the U.S. Senate that the Nation has witnessed in modern times. Mr. Graham exposes the same old tired failed philosophy of the Republican Party, that tax cuts are needed for the wealthy in order to stimulate the economy. This philosophy has been proven to be false for the last eight years, the eight years and the eight years of the Regan Administration. When George HW Bush did the right thing and raised taxes to stem the slide into defect spending Senators like Senator Graham opposed him and even caused him to lose his re-election by their lack of support.

Ms. Van Susteren besides agreeing that Senator Graham is right keeps reminding the viewers that $78 Billion of the TARP money was misappropriated not mentioning that this was done under the Bush Administration. Her favorite line when mentioning this is, " Can we trust the Government?" implying that it is the current Government that can not be trusted to administer the TARP money when in fact the misappropriation came under the Bush Administration. This is just another one of hundreds of lies of omission that passes for fact on the Faux News Network and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.
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