Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mark Levin

There is a new right wing radio talk show host who is achieving National Syndication around the Nation named Mark Levin. Mr. Levin purports to be a Constitutional Attorney who worked under Edwin Meese in the Reagan White House. Mr. Levin is another of the Bush cheerleaders who thought that the Bush Policies were the right policies. Now that those policies have failed the Nation and led to an unprecedented Economic Downturn which will most likely last for the next decade, Mr. Levin finds it easy to blame the downturn on the Democratic Administration of Bill Clinton. These guys are simply unbelievable. The Eight years of the Clinton Administration are the only eight years that the Nation actually prospered since the Regan Administration and achieved a surplus rather than a deficit.

Mr. Levin has a problem with the stimulus plan, still insisting that tax cuts are the way to go even though the US has the lowest tax rate of developed countries. Mr. Levin is one of those who thinks that the roads, schools, bridges, hospitals, and infrastructure appears out of thin air and that he has no obligation to pay taxes even though this country has allowed him to live very well. This is the typical Republican attitude that Mr. Levin spits out on his radio show, no one should pay taxes according to him, the Society should be a free for all of Private industry that will take care of the needs of the infrastructure based on the profitability of the project.

And of course like all of the other Republican Radio Talk Show hosts, he never served in the Military but thinks that War is just great.
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Anonymous said...

Levin is also a trained economist (PhD).

The Clinton economy was due in no small part to the invention of the world-wide web (i.e., the tech boom) and a GOP Congress from '94 to '00 that revamped the budget.

Saddling our kids with a trillion-dollar pork package (which, by the way, only unionized shops are allowed to bid on) at $30K a person is a brain-damaged plan.

Here's a chart that shows how the best prediction market in the world -- the stock market -- has reacted to Obama's anti-free market plans.

Believe in liberty! Believe in free markets! Fight for the Constitution and against tyranny!