Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Leadership

Although Executive Branch of Government has begun a new age of leadership, the Congress still is relishing in the past. The American People will do well to make a clean sweep of the Congress in the upcoming 2010 Congressional Elections. On the verge of economic disaster the Congressional Leadership and Members are still playing partisan political games while thew Nation crumbles under the weight of 8 years of a non existent government for the People.

Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi seem unable to grasp the idea that the American Agenda MUST change. The new direction of the Nation must be guided by a new direction towards an alternative, renewable, energy pursuit. During the lame duck months of the Bush Administration, when the congressional Leadership knew they would have the votes to pass a new agenda, they did nothing. There should have been a plan in place to begin anew as soon as Obama was Inaugurated. Instead, what did the Congress do, why of course they gave themselves a pay raise so as not to be out done by the bonuses awarded to the Financial Industry Employees who also collapsed their Industry.

The reward for bad government and lack of leadership is simple. Fire THEM!!
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