Monday, February 9, 2009

News Corp Reports $6.4 Billion in 2 Q

New Corp the media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch reported a $6.4 Billion loss in just one quarter on February 5, 2009. New Corp owns the infamous Fox News Channel, and the Wall Street Journal, both of which were propaganda machines for the Bush Administration and the Republican Agenda that swore that the Economy was great throughout the eight years of the Bush Administration. Even as the carrion calls were being sounded by the economist throughout the world that the Bush Policies were destroying the economic fabric of America, the Fox News Channel, joined by their sister Networks, The Fox Business Channel and Sky News, refused to criticize the policies of the Bush Administration or the Republicans or even report the facts.

In their earnings announcement Mr. Murdoch was quoted as saying, "a direct reflection of the recession that is deeper than anyone predicted". Totally not true. The Economic catastrophe was predicted by the economists that Murdoch Media Companies deemed "left wing" and refused to let their opinions see the light of day in the controlled environment that New Corp considers news but is merely a mouth piece for a particularly philosophy promulgated by the Republican and Conservative agenda.

Many so called "liberal" economists warned of the eminent turmoil that was being created by the failed policies of the Bush Administration, and the deregulation that led to the failed economy was whole heartily supported by the News Corp pundits and anchors. When News Corp acquired the once prestigious Wall Street Journal, all semblance of objective economic reporting was discarded in favor of articles that would bolster the lies of the Conservative Republican Agenda.

Karma is an interesting concept and maybe the $6.4 Billion loss is the Karma that News Corp deserves. Shareholders of News Corp should demand better. Maybe Mr. Murdoch should dig up all the clips of Sean Hannity reporting how great the Economy was under George W. Bush and have his staff edit it into a montage so that he can take solace in the words of his multi-million dollar propaganda announcer.
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