Thursday, February 5, 2009

No More Mr. Nice Guy

President Obama promised "Change That You Can Believe In" during the Campaign. Since taking office he has made a concerted at having a bipartisan tone to his Administration, even going so far as to hold over a Bush appointment on his Cabinet. So far these efforts have been met with disdain from the Republicans.

Mr. Obama amended the Stimulus Legislation to include Republican proposals and eliminate some that they were opposed to, yet, not one Republican voted for the Stimulus Bill in the House. On the Senate side, Republicans squashed an additional $25 Billion for roads and bridges claiming the money is excessive. They did not claim that $700 Billion was excessive when the Bush Administration wanted it without conditions to Bail Out the Banking Industry, but when $25 Billion extra is proposed by the Democrats to aid the recovery of the Middle Class, then they are opposed.

President Obama's idealism is refreshing, however, he must realize that the Republican Agenda does no coincide with his own. In the Senate negotiations, Republican Senators are whining that their ideas are not being put into the legislation, the question becomes why would ideas that have already failed for the last eight years be included in legislation for a new agenda. Mr. Obama does not have to check his outward civility at the door but he should view any attempt to include Republican philosophy with a jaundiced eye, for their philosophy was the cause of the current crisis. The crisis can be traced from their tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, to the destruction of Government regulatory and oversight and their lack of attention to the needs of the American People.
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