Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama Continues to Pick Wrong

President Obama has a serious problem with naming nominees. Rep. Hilda Solis now has a tax problem. Ms. Solis is the nominee to be the Labor Secretary. The Senate on Thursday, February 5, 2009 put off her hearing when it came to light that her husband had a tax lien that was sixteen years old and was not settled till the day before the Senate Hearing. This should put a nail in the coffin of her nomination.

One starts to wonder why the Obama Team is not able to pick up these problems before the nominee is announced. Whatever the reasons, it has to stop. The Obama Team must make sure that any nominee presented to the Senate for confirmation does not have any skeletons that will prevent the nominee from a quick and overwhelming approval.

If these nominees are being presented for political reasons, it must end. It is the obligation of an Administration that campaigned on change to set the example. There are already clouds because certain appointments have the stench of Lobbyists after the President Obama firmly stated that there will be no lobbyists in his Administration. Certainly Mr. Obama has his hands full with the Economic Cris left by the Republican George W. Bush Administration, but that is not an excuse to not have the cleanest, most transparent government that this Nation has ever seen. That is what was promised and that is what is expected, before this pattern continues, it is imperative that the Obama Administration meet and put an end to these distractions.
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