Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Warns Years not Months

In a somber warning to the American People, President Obama warned that the Stimulus Package will take years to begin to correct the Economy, not months. The highly anticipated Stimulus Bill was passed by the House without any Republican Support even though President Obama in a conciliatory gesture to the Republicans acquiesced and added more of their coveted tax cuts to the measure.

Hopefully, President Obama has learned a valuable lesson from this experience and will realize that the Republicans have one goal and one goal only and that is to stop supporting the Federal Government with taxes from the wealthy and to place the burden squarely on the backs and families of the working class and middle class. The old tired idea that tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations will spur economic growth has been thoroughly disproved by the Bush Administration. The Spend and tax cut policies of the Bush years, along with invading Sovereign Countries has placed the US Economy on tenuous footing that is only inches from the edge of a economic depression.

President Obama would do well to cast aside his hopes of a bipartisan approach as evidenced by the lack of support that the stimulus bill received in the House by the Republicans. The goal now should be to change the National Agenda from a fossil fuel based economy to an intensive agenda of alternative, renewable fuel sources within ten years. The infrastructure upgrades and necessary systems changes that will be needed to accomplish a new Energy Economy should create enough new living wage jobs to halt the slide into an Economic Depression. If the Republicans can't see the need for higher taxes in order to have a healthier economy in the future then they should be left alone to ponder the incompetent government that they created under Regan and culminated under Bush.
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