Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Republican Senators to Defeat in 2011

Every Republican Senator opposed the recovery bill presented by the Democratic Majority and supported by the current Obama Administration. These same Senators had no problem voting for the TARP money when proposed by the Bush Administration, even though they had no idea what the money would be used for, which companies would receive it, who would decide on the distribution or why the money was needed immediately. A Stimulus Plan that would push massive government infusions of cash into an economy that is collapsing day by day causing the American Family to descend into economic poverty. The Republican Senators have come to the conclusion that making the "Bush Tax Cuts" permanent would be a better solution than stimulating the economy with spending like every other Nation that is in an economic depression. These Republican Senators insist on clinging to an economic philosophy that has produced an economy in ruin. The fallacy that giving tax cuts to the rich will enhance a National Economy has been proven false from the time of Reagan right through George W. "Hoover" Bush. These Senators who wholeheartedly supported the failed Philosophy of the Republican are putting road blocks in the way of economic recovery and they must be removed from office as soon as possible.

The following Republican Senators are up for re-election in 2011 and if they can not removed before that by recall efforts of the citizens of the respective states that they represent, then the Democratic National Committee must begin now to campaign against these Senators who are up for re-election.

The Republican Roll Call of Scoundrels Senators who must be defeated:

Robet F. Bennett - R - UT
Christopher Bond - R - MO
Sam Brownback - R - KS
Jim Bunning - R- KY
Richard Burr - R - NC
Tom Coburn - R- ID
Mike Crapo - R - ID
Jim DeMint - R - SC
Chuck Grassley - R - IA
Judd Gregg - R - NH
Johnny Isakson - R- GA
Mel Martinez - R -FL
Lisa Murkowski - R -AK
Richard Shelby - R- AL
John Thoune - R- SD
David Vetter - R- LA
George Voinovich - R-OH

If you live in one of the States represented by these Senators and your annual income is less than a million dollars, these people are not in your best interest. If fact the policies that they vote for are against your best interests and you should start a recall movement to remove these people from the United States Senate, or at least begin to support a candidate in 2011 who will represent your interests.
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