Friday, February 6, 2009

Republicans STILL in the DARK AGES

The Senate Republicans are opposed to the Obama Stimulus package. The Republican Leadership still insists that Tax Cuts are the way to go. Exactly what don't the Republicans get. Republican Tax Cuts were enacted by the Republicans during the Regan and Bush Years, it was a total failure. Tax Cuts for the wealthy help the wealthy, not the Nation or the National Economy.

Tax cuts are only productive in an Economy that is over burdened with taxes. As a whole Americans are not over burdened with Federal Taxes, what they are over burdened with are Local Property Taxes and State Sales Taxes, neither of which are on the Republican Agenda. The Republican Agenda still relies on the fallacy of trickle down economics, the economics that George H.W. Bush called "voodoo economics" when he ran against Ronald Reagan for the Presidency in 1980. Tax cuts will not restart an Economy that has been pilfered by the wealthy bankers and the financial schemers that were let run wild by the other failed Republican Policy of deregulation.

The Republicans had no problem voting for a $700 Billion Bail Out, when the Bush Administration told them it was needed to rescue the Banking Industry, no question asked, The Republicans approved it. Now the Obama Administration with mountains of data are telling them that the Economy needs massive government spending to jump start the Economy before a deep recession turns into a massive Depression, yet the Republicans balk at this because it does not include tax cuts.

Time and time again the Republicans show their lack of concern for the American People, yet they are re-elected. The districts that are sending these Republicans condone the ideas of failure must be re-educated to the reality that these elected officials are not voting in their best interests.
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