Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where Did all the Money Go?

With Banks reporting losses in the Billions, schemes like Madoff perpetrated, and the world's largest Corporations posting losses in the Billions do you ever wonder where did all the money go? Isn't it odd that throughout the Bush Years we were constantly being told that the Bush Tax Cuts had created a booming economy? Yet in 18 short months all of a sudden the entire world is broke. It has to make you wonder, where did all the money go.

No matter how many plans the Obama Administration and other Central Governments throughout the world announce, the markets react as if that is not enough. So how much is enough and what money will it be replacing? Where is the original money that needs replacing, or was there any ever money that equalled what was on the books. How could the Largest Bank in the U.S.A. be out of money, if they lost it didn't somebody gain it?

This is another mystery that we will never know the answer to in our lifetime, but one thing is for sure, plenty of money was sucked away from the working class and middle class in the last 18 months. The middle class has seen the value of their retirement accounts, money market accounts and savings accounts dwindle to historic lows. IRA's and 401K's are being cashed in in record levels, family jewelry is being sold by the ton, all of which sucks the assets that were built up during the Clinton Years out of the hands of ordinary people, and after all isn't that the point of all of this. The Republicans couldn't stand the fact that economic parity was being achieved during the Clinton Years and that wages were going up, home values were increasing, and more people were becoming property owners. The policies of the Bush Administration sought to widened the gap between rich and poor, and in the process they allowed greed to rule and now they are even losing their wealth. Notice however, that the wealthy were helped first and are still being helped while Republican Senators and Republican Spokespeople like Gov Jindal think that any help for the average person is wild spending by the Government. And although they never raised their voices while the Bush Administration was wasting trillions of dollars in Iraq, now that a President wants to increase aid to help the average person, they consider it excessive spending.

The best thing that can come of this Economic Crisis is that many wealthy people who never had to work might actually have to get a job.

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