Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why are Republicans Making Policy?

After eight years of failed Republican policies that have led our Nation to the brink of economic catastrophe it is rather strange that the Republican Senators are still able to influence economic policy to the point of changing the stimulus bill in to a tax cut for the rich. The purpose of the bill was to put spendable money into a cash starved economy. The Obama Administration allowed the Stimulus Bill to be twisted by the Republicans into their failed vision that tax cuts for the wealthy somehow benefit the American Family and the economy.

Senator McCain had the gall to stand there and say that the Bill is "generational thievery", that is is a crime that the debt will be passed on to the next couple of generations. This from a Republican Leader who fully supported the policies of George W. (Hoover) Bush who took office with the largest US surplus and left office with a $ 5 Trillion deficit, who does McCain think will pay this back, this generation? The Stimulus Bill is less than 1/5 of what the Bush Administration left behind to clean up, and that is only the deficit, not counting the private sector mess that will amount to another few trillion dollars. But John McCain will stand up for future generations because he really cares about the future of the average American. If you don't believe that John McCain is truly concerned about the future of America, just remember that he thought that leaving the future to the hands of Sarah Palin was a great idea.

President Obama must neutralize the Republican ideas of failure. The Democratic Party must make a concerted effort to put the seats of these Republican Senators in play in the next election cycle. If President Obama is serious about changing America, the make up of the U.S. Senate must be changed if real change is to be effective.
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