Monday, March 23, 2009

Coulter on Hannity

Ann Coulter appearing on the new Sean Hannity Show on Fox News, entitled Hannity's America, had the audacity to call the current financial crisis, " The Obama Recession", with Hannity concurring. Both of these two right wing talking point hosts are shills for the Republican Party and continue to plant the seeds of divisiveness and hatred through their appearances and statements. We are lucky that History is not written by the likes of Hannity and Coulter, according to their remembrance of History, the economy was just fine until President Obama took office just a few short weeks ago, and it is his fault that unemployment continues to rise.

Ms. Coulter even said that Wall Street Executives are basically Democrats not Republicans. Talk about reconstructing reality and as far as can be seen Ms. Coulter does not use hallucinogenics. Ms. Coulter and Mr. Hannity continued to feed each other through a segment that is entitled the Great American Panel, which on Sunday Night consisted of Ms. Coulter, a Democratic Pollster (or so he was billed) and a former Ms. America. Whenever Sean Hannity asked the former Ms. America a question he referred to her being a former Ms. America as if this qualified her as an expert on the American Economy.

Fox News obviously realizes it is going to be a long four years of trying to defend the damage done to our Nation by the Bush Administration, so they will be content to rewrite the History of that Administration and continue to throw insults at half truths at the Obama Administration hoping that something will stick. Coulter and Hannity are perfect together one lies and other swears to it then they trade places.
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