Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Future of America

As the President of the United States in one of the most pivotal points of its history, President Obama has the ability to redirect the future of the Nation as only a couple of previous Presidents have been able to change the nation's Future. Abraham Lincoln was thrust into the moment and responded. FDR was thrust into the position and responded. President Obama has been thrust into another pivotal era in America's History and if he responds as he should, he too will be remembered as a President who changed the course of America's Future.

In order for President Obama to follow in the footsteps of Lincoln and FDR he must have the internal strength to push the agenda of the future even in the face of stiff opposition from the minority party. Although his intentions were well meaning when he tried to included the Republicans in planning the future through the legislative process, the results were less than stellar. Mr. Obama even has retained a Republican on his cabinet and tried to appoint others. Even as he tries to run an inclusive Administration, the Republicans are intent on thwarting his efforts. The Republican Brand is so badly tarnished from the eight years of the Bush Administration that they are trying to put their party in the news even if it is a cost to the Nation. The Republicans refuse to admit their economic policies that they have been pushing and their hindrance of Alternative Energy Initiatives that they have been blocking since the Carter Administration. The goal of bi-partisanship is a lofty goal for Mr. Obama to attain, but it should not be at the cost of the future.

An often overlooked Republican President who made a major difference in the future of America even though his Presidency was seen as a lackluster President was Eisenhower. President Eisenhower initiated the Interstate Highway System that was a major move to the future for an interconnected Nation. Although Mr. Obama has been thrust into a major crisis period, he can deal with the crisis and the future at the same time by putting America the path towards Energy Independence through renewable, sustainable means. If all of the money that has been thrown out the window to multi-national banking concerns had been dedicated towards renewable energy infrastructure, America would already be on a path to a new future. It is time for Mr. Obama to walk through the newly planted White House vegetable garden and contemplate a future for America that will enable the Nation to sustain without fossil fuels. It is time to announce a realistic, fully funded program that will put this Nation on the path to a sustainable future.
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