Tuesday, March 3, 2009

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio)

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) claims that the Obama Stimulus Bill and the Obama budget are the first steps towards American Socialism. He claims this without any justification other than that the budget includes tax increases for the wealthy, and that the Stimulus Bill leaves debt to the next generation. Here Ladies and Gentlemen is yet another of the clear concise Republican hypocrites. Mr. Boehner spoke nearly a word as the Republican Bush Administration took the Nation's largest surplus and turned it into the Nation's largest historical deficiet. Mr. Boehner had no qualms about the trillions of dollars spent on the Iraq invasion and occupation. He spoke not a wispher as the Bush Administration created the Home Land Security branch of government. Not a peep when billions of unaccountable dollars were spent in cash by the Iraqi Provisional Authortity under the Bush Administion.

Like his counterpart in the Senate, John McCain, Mr. Boehner still belivres that the proven failures of the Republican theory of economics is the way to solve the current mess. Yes, he actually has said that the way to grow the economy is to continue to cut taxes by making the Bush Tax Cut permenat, the same tax cut that contributed to the massive defiect left by Bush upon his departure. Like Senator McCain, Mr. Boehner is calling for less regulations on the same Financial Institutions that led America down the path to financial disater because of the Bush Administrations failure to regulate their actions.

When The Bush Administration proposed the TARP progragm we did not hear Mr. Boehner nor Mr. McCain talk about the sin of leaving debt to the next generation. They were also quite content to let the Bush Administration give the money to those that they deemed worthy of the funds. From the oringinal distribution of TARP funds by the Bush Administion, the American People recieved nothing. Those that accepted the funds continued on their spree of excess including parties with bills in the hundreds of thousands, bonuses awarded in the millions of dollars to the bankers who drove their banks into the ground and another ledger of non-paccountable funds from the US Government. Did Mr. Boehner or Senator McCain have anything to say about the waste in the first TARP fund distribution, not a word. Mr. Boehner's top political contributors came from the following industries in the last election cycle:

Securities & Investment
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products
Lawyers/Law Firms
Commercial Banks

Is it any wonder who John Boehner is concerned about or who he represents?

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