Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Obama going to Change or Not?

President Obama needs to spend some time getting a hold of his Administration and their message. Promises were made for a massive Stimulus Bill, the action taken was less than massive and included tax cuts for the wealthy. Promises were made to revive the middle class, yet no action has been taken against the predatory Credit Card Industry charging Americans loan sharking rates of upwards of 39.99%. The richest multi-national corporations continue to receive Bail Out money, while the average American is being crushed by the weight of mortgages and ever increasing local property and state taxes.

AIG Executives become millionaires for driving a prosper company into the ground, while millions of Americans continue to work 50-60 hours a week for non-livable wages. There has been no substantial plan presented to remove the US from the addiction to fossil fuels. A commission has been established to look at health care while Pharmaceutical Companies go on a buying binge. Local Hospitals are closing and medical care is provided by ER's for those without insurance. Those without insurance increase in numbers on a daily basis.

The withdrawal from Iraq is drawn out while the commitment in Afghanistan is increased. No one voted to put more troops in Afghanistan, the early primaries that Mr. Obama won were won by the anti-war vote. The Treasury Secretary seems at a loss as to what to do, while Corporations continue to hold the US Government hostage with threats of collapse that will crush the Economy.
It is not an easy task that President Obama has taken on, and no one expects answers or resolutions over night, but a coherent, viable plan was expected and the Obama Administration has failed to deliver this plan. It has failed to put the Congress on course and to dictate the legislative agenda that is needed to stop the middle class from falling into poverty, prevent the working class from failing into despair, and place a net under those in Poverty so that they can hang on. Instead the Obama Administration has continued way too many of the Bush policies including allowing the second half of the current budget to pass without any provisions that would immediately help the Nation into the future. Every day that change is delayed is another month that the economy will suffer. Action is needed now.
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