Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sean Hannity Claims he is NOT a Republican!!!

Starting with the pretentious title of his show, "Hannity's America", is nothing more than a show about hating President Obama, the Democratic Party, and working class Americans. The usual guests on this show are, ex- Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, ex-Governor Huckabee and and Dick Morris, not exactly sure what he is suppose to be but Hannity touts him as if he is some kind of Governmental Expert, even though most of his "predictions" and analyst turn out to be wrong.

On Hannity's show of March 13, 2009, Hannity claimed that he is NOT a Republican, but rather a Reagan Conservative. What exactly is a Reagan Conservative? In the eyes of people like Hannity, Reagan was the greatest President ever. People like Hannity believe that Ronald Reagan toppled the Soviet Union. That Ronald Reagan was a fiscal wizard. The myth created by People like Hannity are a glassy eyed reinterpretation of the Administration of Ronald Reagan. Let's remember some of the Reagan Policies that are now responsible for the economic situation America now finds itself in.

Ronald Regan's aids made a deal with the Iranian Hostage takers BEFORE Reagan was President to release the Hostages on the day of his inauguration. Ronald Reagan busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union by firing the striking workers and hiring scabs, the beginning of the end for a living wage for working Americans. The National Deficit soared under Ronald Reagan. Reagan sought to eliminate economic safety nets created during the Great Depression. Ronald Reagan sought to usurp the authority of the FDA in drug approvals and to speed up the release of new drugs to enable higher profit margins for Pharmaceutical Companies even though these drugs later were proven to be detrimental to human health. Ronald Reagan cut the food inspectors enabling the food chain to to become unsafe and policed by the food manufacturers and distributors themselves. Ronald Reagan began the deregulation of the financial industry and it was nearly completed under another admirer of Reagan, George W. Bush. Ronald Reagan wasted billions military research on his obsession with a project called star wars that never came to fruition. Ronald Reagan said that ketchup can be counted as a vegetable in school lunches for under nourished American Children. Ronald Reagan sought to curtail free public education at all levels. Ronald Reagan's economic policies were labeled as "voodoo economics' by his own Vice President, George H.W. Bush. Ronald Reagan was no more than an actor reading a script for the right wing anti-Federal Government industrialist who wanted all Government taxes and regulations eliminated while eliminating worker protection and wage standards. Let's not forget the Iran-Contra scandal which permeated every level of the Reagan Administration and circumvented the will of Congress. This is the kind of man that Sean Hannity would like to see as President, one who will crush workers rights, take food from the mouths of children, fund useless defense projects, run up the deficit, and weaken the Federal Government. This is Hannity's America.

Yes, Ronald Reagan is the man that Sean Hannity admires along with Newt Gingrich and a host of other Republicans who now claim not to be Republicans. It seems that the Republican Brand has been tarnished by eight years of the law breaking George W. Bush Administration, so now people like Hannity are claiming NOT to be Republicans. The Republican ideology is a proven failure and those that claim to be Conservatives are no more than Republicans fleeing from the failed ideas that they perpetrated for the last 30 years.
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Worker_Bee said...

I'm sorry, but can you explain to me what a "worker's right" is? The only right a worker deserves is the "right" to choose what company he/she desires to apply for a job at. If you don't like the company, then DON'T go work there!

If you don't like the way someone does business and think you can do a better job, then start your own company and take care of your employees better. When people desire to work for your company more than the next company, then you will last and the other will fail. Allowing unions and government intervention to get involved only makes things less efficient and less competitive in the marketplace.