Sunday, March 22, 2009

Senator Gregg

Senator Gregg, Republican from NH, who accepted then declined the appointment to Secretary of Commerce by President Obama, went on State of the Nation on Sunday and declared that the Obama Budget will Bankrupt the Nation. Does Senator Gregg realize that the Nation was Bankrupt by the Republican Economic Policies, the unwarranted invasion of TWO sovereign nations, and the deregulation of the Financial, Investment and Insurance Industries by the Republicans since 1981.

Senator Gregg bowed out of being the Commence Secretary after the Republican Leadership made disparaging comments about Republicans who join the Obama Administration and by right wing ideologues who have talk radio shows. Now Senator Gregg is spitting out the rhetoric that these right wing radio hosts spew on a daily basis. When President Clinton left office the Nation had a surplus and a growing economy, with the population raising through the economic classes at a rate never before seen in the History of America. Within one year of taking office the policies of George W. Bush and The Republican Congress turned a National Surplus into a National Deficit. Senator Gregg is disillusioned if he thinks the Obama Administration is the cause of the current mess.

Most World Economists agree that the way to stimulate an economy as ravaged as the U.S. Economy has become, is for the Central Government to spend money on massive infrastructure projects that will immediately create jobs, cause demand for goods and services and keep money flowing into the hands of consumers on a weekly basis. What is Senator Gregg's proposal, to maintain the policies of tax cuts for the rich, deregulate and eliminate government oversight, policies that have proven themselves to be failures by their implementation over the last eight years.

Senator Gregg claimed on State of the Union that the Obama Budget will Bankrupt the Nation. New Flash for Senator Gregg, The Nation is already Bankrupt, it was led into receivership under the policies of George W. Bush and The Republican Party in conjunction with Military Excursions and Corporate deregulation and non-existent oversight. Senator Gregg can not see that this economy is already in ruins and that the right course is for the Federal Government to become the spender of last resort.

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