Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tarnished Bush Looks for Polish

Faux News (Faux News) continue with their obsession with George W. Bush. They ar now running one of their famous "Special Reports" Hosted by Bret Baier title, "Two Trillion with a T" in which they interview George W. Bush and Secretary Paulson among others. In the interview Bush is allowed to give his revised version of the economic crisis unchallenged and feigns ignorance about the collapse until Paulson came to him and discussed the collapse of Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers and AIG.

Neither Bush nor Paulson accept any blame for the situation and paint themselves as saviors of the American Economy, although if you read between the spoken words and interpret Bush's facial expressions it is obvious that he is lying, again. At one point he says, we were on the edge of a second Great Depression, and it was not going to happen on my watch" when defending the Bailout and the TARP money. It is clear through these interviews that Bush and Paulson want the American People to see them as the ones who stopped the Depression and anything that happens after they left office is not their fault.

At no time during this report does Bret Baier ask them was the Bush Administration responsible by their lack of Government enforcement of Banking rules and by their failed philosophy of deregulation. But as to be expected with Fox News, the point of this report is to exonerate the Bush Administration and put the blame on the Clinton Administration and forecast future blame on the weakening economy on the Obama Administration. Just as the rest of the Fox News pundits have taken to calling the current Situation "The Obama Recession", this "Special Report" by Bret Baier is a way for Fox News to continue to try to polish the tarnished Republican Brand and most especially to re-write the history of the worst Presidential Administration that has ever held the Executive Branch of the United States.

Fox News is on a campaign to lay the blame for this Republican Economic disaster at the feet of the Democrats from the minority Democratic Congress at the beginning of the Bush Administration to the current Obama Administration even going so far as to claim that the Stock Market downturn is because of Obama Policy decisions that have not even had time to take effect.

Even the title of this Special Reports implies that the Obama Administration is responsible for the 2 Trillion Dollars spent on corporate welfare, while at no time during the Bush Administration did Fox News do a "Special Report" on the 2 Trillion Plus Dollars spent on the Iraq invasion by the Bush Administration nor did they ever question the TARP funding under Bush that was handed out with no accountability even though a large chunk was given to Goldman Sachs, a firm that had very close and intricate ties with Secretary Paulson. Fox News will continue to try to put a shine on the George W. Bush Administration because of their unwavering support that they displayed for the eight years of the failed Bush Administration.

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