Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Congress on Vacation

The United States Congress is on a two week vacation. This is disgusting being that they have failed to accomplish much of anything at a time when the Nation is suffering the poorest economic downturn since the Great Depression and maybe the worst economic downturn of the entire history of the Nation.

Since this Congress has been in session they have failed to address the pilferage of the American Consumer by the Credit Card Industry that is charging loan sharking rates on consumer debt. The Congress has made sure that the most wealthiest Corporations in America received enough federal Bailout money to maintain the conspicuous consumption standard of living that they have become accosted to and they they have enough money in their Treasuries to continue political contributions even at the expenses of emptying the United States Treasury.

There has not even been one piece of legislation proposed by any Congress person or Senator to apply Usury Laws to loan sharking credit card companies, or to demand that banks and other financial institutions remove their back office centers from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines even after they accepted Federal Bailout Money.

The current scenario goes like this, Congress bails out the financial institutions that caused the mess, they continue to receive their unwarranted salaries, continue contributing to campaigns, Congress takes no action for the thousands of small businesses that are closing in record numbers, no help for the consumer paying loan sharking rates to the credit card companies. Congress then takes a two week vacation after voting themselves a raise while the rest of the citizens are losing income on a daily basis.
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