Friday, October 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Announces a Press Conference???

No, Sarah Palin has not announced a Press Conference. The McCain Campaign has to tell the American Public why Sarah Palin has not had a Press Conference and why there are no plans for her to have a Press Conference. Here we are only two weeks away from a pivotal election in American History and the Vice Presidential Candidate on the Republican ticket has not spoken to the press. How can anyone vote for her? She has not discussed any issues, she has not proclaimed any understanding of the function of the Federal Government or what her plans might be as part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

The John McCain Campaign expects the American People to blindly vote for the McCain ticket without knowing anything the second person. It is sad that John McCain nominated a person who does not even have the basic knowledge of the issues to speak to the press without a prepared speech. This is another example of the disdain that John McCain has for the American People. It is a fundamental right of the electorate to know what the candidates views are on issues. The only things we know about Sarah Palin is what the McCain Campaign has sanitized and released through the Campaign. Doesn't it seem odd that a major candidate has not had one encounter with the press.

Ms.Plain will appear on Saturday Night Live this Saturday with the blessings of the McCain Campaign. This is very sad. The McCain Campaign thinks that the election is a joke. Ms. Palin has time to play comedian while the Nation is crumbling from the Republican Policies that have destroyed the American Financial System, yet she does not have time to meet with the Press and discuss the crumbling economy with the American People. Before the election we will undoubtedly get prepared commercials spouting policy written for her by the McCain Campaign, but that is all.
Again another instance of John McCain and his campaign giving the American People the finger, just as their esteemed Republican President George W. Bush has done for the last eight years.

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